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How can catering enterprises seek development in the era of value return?



Competition among enterprises enters the long line.

The repeated impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has made the catering industry bid farewell to short-sighted development.The “fresh-keeping period” of restaurants with high popularity online is getting increasingly shorter, and star restaurants with similar routes are also not optimistic. The unsustainable situation of “earning quick money” mode not only reflects that consumers are more rational, but also reveals the limitations of catering enterprises’ blind emphasis on marketing. The profit mode of “running fast” alone is gradually losing its effectiveness.


Cycle elongation

At a time when the transformation and upgrading of the catering industry is a foregone conclusion, catering enterprises should be prepared to elongate the strategic cycle.Although the investment is unavoidable, the increased cost can be dispersed to a longer period. For example,if you choose products that are easy to adjust and can be used for a long time when updating restaurant utensils, the rate of return is obviously higher.


Market consolidation

Today, the sustained effect of catering marketing is extremely limited, the essence of which is that the publicity is inconsistent with the reality.Strengthening the competitiveness of existing products is the right way to consolidate development.ZICCO has been adhering to its original intention of helping catering companies to stay at the forefront of the market andproviding high-quality melamine tableware with both aesthetic feeling and practicality.


Value premium

Faced with rational consumers who have their own selection criteria, restaurants that can render customers an experience beyond their expectations will be able to gain widespread reputation.Similarly, the tableware can also add brilliance to restaurants. Choosing tableware with more flexible matching, more amazing appearance and more innovative design will undoubtedly make diners feel value for money and willing to consume again.

In the quality-oriented era, the catering industry has come to the stage of value return. Catering enterprises need all-round promotion and innovation.Meanwhile, ZICCO is also steadily working to grasp the market trend with its over ten years of professional experience and provide more high-quality ideas and practical assistance for the catering industry.